Hello world!

This is my first blog and I’m so excited about it!!! I think I should start off by introducing myself. My name is Shaquita Hayes and I’m a single mommy to 2 girls (3 yrs old and 18 months). The single mommy life is something new to me. Something that I never thought that I would experience,  but it was something that I had to do for myself and most importantly,  my girls. Through my blog, I hope to share and hear the joys,  frustrations, and struggles of dealing with everyday life as a single parent. Not just the experiences with the children or co-parent, but life itself – the journey and rollercoaster endured to become successful or to get through a regular day in life. I can say that I have days where I’m tired from all the overtime that I’ve worked just to pay all my bills and have enough for 2 weeks, days that I cry because of the frustration of trying to get by and dealing with a co-parent, and I have other days when I’m overjoyed. I hope to share all of these moments in my life with you and really receive feedback as well so that we all can learn a thing or 2 from each other.

-Bless you all


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